The Rabbinic Messiah By: Rev. Tom Huckel

 The Rabbinic Messiah

 The Rabbinic Messiah
The Rabbinic Messiah


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Rabbinic Messiah is a collection of traditional Jewish Messianic belief quotes, as proclamated by the Rabbis down through the centuries. The quotes are taken from the most commonly used Jewish literature resources. These Messianic belief statements are arranged in canonical order, i.e. according to the traditional Canon of the Christian Bible. Since this is simply a collection of the quotes themselves with very little commentary by the author (only where he felt it was needed), this work then can be a helpful reference tool that can be useful to both Jewish and Christian scholars alike.
The author intends to add additional references in the future. He also hopes to compile a summarized portrait of the Jewish Messiah and the Messianic Era by gathering these texts into a unified picture.
I trust that you will find this tool a help in your Bible and Messianic studies.
Rev. Tom Huckel,
Director of Hananeel House
PO Box 11527
Philadelphia, Pa. 19116-0527

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